Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Life As It Seems

As I look back at how life has been,
The ups and downs and the in between;
The hardest times are harder to leave behind
They somehow get imprinted on the mind.

But then as I look at the lives of others,
And I see the pain of my sisters and brothers;
My own suffering is suddenly so small;
It is not even worth  mentioning at all.

Yes life it seems is not what it seems;
For it could appear rosy while falling apart at the seams.
Though things look good from afar,
Up closer you will find how different they are.

I know well there's a reality hereafter;
Where all sorrow will be turned to laughter:
Where Christ has prepared a place for me,
And I'll be there with Him for eternity.

But here I ought to look a lot deeper,
For I am indeed my brother's keeper:
The Book of Books says love everyone;
And I'll be accountable after all is said and done.

Eric A Trott

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