Thursday, February 16, 2012

From Struggle to Victory

Between the shame of all the deeds I've done,
And the shameless pursuit of sin;
Between the Law away from which I run,
And the licentiousness that I fall in:

Between the striving that is all in vain
Social demands to satisfy,
And running after selfish gain
My flesh to gratify.

O the war between pressure to perform
And the permission to please myself;
Who can deliver me my wretched state from?
For I am helpless by myself.

But true victory find I in moving on
From sin to justification,
By humble contrite confession
That allows sanctification.

No, upon myself I do not depend,
But upon Jesus' cleansing Blood:
Yes, I know my case He will defend,
And empower with the Spirit's flood.

Eric Anthony Trott


This is a poem that came together in my head in the middle of the night as I lay awake thinking of how the devil can keep us busy between legalism on the one hand and licentiousness on the other or pleasing others on the one hand and pleasing ourselves on the other so that we completely miss the point of God's Grace.

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