Friday, November 9, 2012

The Answer to Life’s Questions

The Answer to Life’s Questions

Wherefrom did all that is called me
Come to exist as I am known?
And how can I know for certainty
Who caused to happen what life has shown?

Beyond the routine and monotony,
What gives the urge to still press on?
And despite all strife and drudgery,
The hope that night will precede dawn?

Who made laughter life’s soothing balm,
And love that heals the deepest hurt?
Who causes the storm? Who sends the calm?
Who separates beauty from the dirt?

Whither withal with all I own,
Will I go from here when life is done?
Nay. Leaving all behind I’ll go alone
When life’s last battle has been won.

My finite mind cannot comprehend
The truth of all that surrounds me:
Nor dare I claim to apprehend
The extent of eternity

But know I this beyond every doubt
That every question that occurred to man,
Will find its answer not without
The knowledge of God’s Divine Plan.

Eric Anthony Trott

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  1. Excellent poem just love the simple words and the deeper meaning. keep writing....


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