Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Purpose Of This Blog

The Bible teaches us that God is loving and gracious. Though He created everything and has done everything for us He never imposes anything on us.  Revelation 3:20, a verse in the Bible says He stands at the door and knocks and if anyone opens He will come in.  And even though He gave His Only Son to die for our salvation, which is His free gift to us, the invitation to receive this gift is to who so ever would believe. (John 3:16).   It is a matter of personal choice for every person on the face of the earth to either receive or to refuse His gift.
The Purpose of this Blog therefore, is simply to teach what The Word of God, the Bible says in order to encourage those who are genuinly seeking to know more about Jesus Christ or are desirous of a closer walk with Him. It is not a forum to debate on different religious beliefs or theological view points.  So with the deepest respect, anyone is welcome to disagree with what is said here as that is your personal opinion.   But we will not argue about that.
However, if you have any questions about who Jesus is or how you can have a deeper relationship with Him, do write in to and I would be more than happy to answer you to the best of the ability that God gives me in Christ.
May God bless you.
Eric Trott

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